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saketabi by Saketabi Honpo specializes in the sale of junmai-shu that it produces by respecting nature and applying knowledge and techniques that draw out the power of nature.

Sake is created when the power of nature acts on the natural blessings of rice and water through the actions of microorganisms. Junmai-shu is sake created solely by the beneficence and power of nature. It contains no distilled alcohol or other admixtures. junmai-shu accounts for only about 20% of all sake made in Japan.

What is junmai-shu?

We hold a wide range of requested lessons and seminars ranging from introductory lessons on Japanese sake, tasting and food pairing lessons, regular Japanese sake navigator accreditation classes and other seminars for the pleasure of the general public to special seminars for food and beverage service professionals.

How about enjoying Japanese sake at a home party with your close friends? We will show you ways to enliven a party, by everything from choosing brands to enjoyably discussing Japanese sake.

Furoshikis have played a role in Japanese culture for more than a thousand years. A bottle of Japanese sake wrapped in a furoshiki is a splendid gift. We give lessons on this simple wrapping method.

Visiting a brewery where we actually produce Japanese sake will enhance your interest in sake. We offer a variety of brewery tours including same day and overnight visits.

Japanese sake is a liquor which, unlike any other made anywhere on earth, is brewed miraculously by water, rice, and yeast. Japanese sake has not only played a role in the Japanese people’s daily lives since ancient times by enhancing the flavor of our food, it has been a feature of our culture that essential for our rituals and customs.

Saketabi combines the word sake that means liquor and tabi that means travel. With the key words, liquor and tabi in mind, please enjoy the world of Japanese sake as you learn about Japanese traditions and daily life.